sudo command with no password in linux!

How to avoide repetation of sudo command in linux.

Just follow bellow steps to avoide repation.

Create file or edit if exist

    sudo visudo -f /etc/sudoers.d/90-cloudimg-ubuntu

Change username as per your suite

    # ubuntu user is default user in cloud-images.
    # It needs passwordless sudo functionality.

Zend framework quick guide

Quick overview on Zend Framework 3 with enough details.

  • Zend\EventManager component allows to send events and register listeners to react to them.

  • Zend\ModuleManager. In ZF3, every application consists of modules and this component contains module loading functionality.

  • Zend\ServiceManager. This is the centralized registry of all services available in the application, making it possible to access services from any point of the web site.

  • Zend\Http provides an easy interface for performing Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests.

  • Zend\Mvc. Support of Model-View-Controller pattern ...

how to switch default php version in linux ?

Problem :- How to switch default php version in linux ?

Platfom :- Linux


Check which php versions are available with system

    sudo update-alternatives --config php

or else you can use following command to set each library

    sudo update-alternatives --set php /usr/bin/php7.2
    sudo update-alternatives --set phar /usr/bin/phar7.2
    sudo update-alternatives --set phar.phar /usr/bin/phar.phar7.2
    sudo update-alternatives --set phpize /usr/bin/phpize7.2
    sudo update-alternatives --set php-config /usr/bin/php-config7.2

Ff still not able to set the default version than look f...