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My Custom struff

Project Common Crawler

What is this project about?

One of my friend said me in short like.

The project provides a front-end to and allows to
feed a database with URLs.

Happy work life rules.

I have read some where these following rules to become more happier with work life.

SSL Certificate in detail

What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) ?

SSL is also known as Transport Layer Security alt text

Zend request in detail

#How to access route, post, get etc. parameters in Zend Framework 2

Hello World

Hello world using the static site generator.

Htaccess file for WordPress

Htaccess file for WordPress project.

Htaccess file for any project

Quick , Easy and Fast .htaccess for any kind of project.

Magento2 Directory Permission

Here is the quick developer permission for your magento root directory. Just go to your magento root directory and apply following commond using your terminal.